Cool Gadget: Man’s DIY Motorcycle Engine Gets 300 miles per Liter On Water, Will Big Oil Stop Him?

Brazilian Man’s DIY Motorcycle Engine Gets 300 miles per Liter on WATER

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21st Century Wire says…

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  • In the 21st century, the ‘free energy’ sweepstakes have never been higher.

    As the establishment wage wars over hydrocarbon energy resources, and bureaucrats and scientists alike argue over abstracts like “peak oil” and man-made global warming (aka ‘climate change’), there are a number of other readily available energy sources that exist which have the potential to revolutionize our modern dependence on expensive, dirty and geopolitically divisive fuels.

    For the last two centuries, we’ve been told that power can only be generated by burning something, splitting an atom or collecting energy (wind, solar). But that’s not the whole story…

    Lexi Morgan

    BRAZIL (INTELLIHUB) — The technology has been around for a while, it’s just been suppressed. In fact there are many engines that are designed to run off of water instead of gasoline, however they will likely never make it to the market.

    The oil companies will buy the technology up and shelve it, it’s what they do.

    The benefits for the environment drastically contrast the negatives of burning fossil fuels, as the burning of hydrogen and oxygen is clean and only releases a non-toxic vapor.

    Now a Brazilian man took a similar idea into his own hands after reading one of his sons chemistry books and modified a motorcycle to run off of water.

    Amazingly the bike gets 300 miles per liter of water and can be refilled at any water source for free.

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